Monday, May 2, 2011

You're Really Going to Do This?

I am a procrastinator and a dreamer; those two attributes sometimes cause those near and dear to me to doubt the veracity of my statements. I found this to be true when I made up my mind to put in a vegetable garden this year.

People listened to my plans and nodded their heads in agreement, but I could tell it was only half-hearted. I can't blame them; I've wanted to do things in the past and never got past the talking-about-it stage.

This year was different. I enjoy being creative and gardening allows me to fill that pleasure. Prices of fresh produce are high at times; growing my own would allow me to save some money overall. Home grown, freshly-picked vegetables provide the best taste and highest levels of nutrition. In growing my own produce, I can control what chemicals are or are not used.

Yep, I had all those reasons, and still the people said, "You're really going to do this?"

It wasn't until I had dirt under my fingernails and rows of seeds planted that these doubting Thomases really believed I was going through with my project.

Did I say I was going to save money? I did forget about the start-up costs of getting some basic equipment to work and water the garden. Maybe I'll learn to can some of the garden goodies--wonder how much those supplies cost? And a food dehydrator--I want one of those, too.

Okay, well home grown, freshly picked produce has the best taste and...


Sandy said...

Good luck with the garden. It takes lots of time and lots of work. I loved it when I did it. I did it when I was younger. We had fresh goodies all the time. I also did the about long hard work! After a few years of canning, I also bought a dehydrator and did that for a few years. Go to Odd Lots, or buy things you need from a garage sale so you don't to spend so much for the equipment.

Now, I go to the store and get my fresh goodies. I think the fresh items are more accessible then they used to be.

Good luck also with the z-a challenge.

Sass Ashe said...

I've been collecting gardening stuff for a few years now, that first year is tough but once you learn to save your own seeds and do your own compost it makes it much easier to get it going each year.

L.L. Woodard said...

@Sandy: Thanks for the tips and well-wishes. I am an ardent second-hand shopper. Best of luck in the challenge to you, also.

@Sass Ashe: Thanks for your tips, too. I hadn't considered saving my own seeds--going to look into that.