Wednesday, May 4, 2011


A gardening blog is a tough place to find an "X" word for the Z to A in May Blogging Challenge in which I am participating, but I think I've found my word. Xerophytic. The word is an adjective meaning something is able to withstand drought.

Given the drought conditions here in central Oklahoma that is only slowly improving, I hope that my vegetables prove to be xerophytic. Not that I won't be watering them when necessary, but there's nothing like a long, quenching rain to see the lawn, flowers and veggies perk up in a way that watering doesn't seem to bring.

I've not read any science on the matter, but through observation I've noticed that electrical storms seem to inspire growth in outdoor plants. Have you ever noticed this, or do I have an overactive imagination?


Claudia Moser said...

A new word for me today, thank you!

L.L. Woodard said...

You're most welcome, Claudia.